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7 Signs You Need to Update Your Property Insurance

Most people don’t think about their property insurance until something happens. But when was the last time you made sure your coverage was up to date? It's far more painful to review your policies after a tragedy strikes.Here are a few reasons you may want to contact your agent or broker to adjust your property insurance.Time for a property insurance [...]


FAQs on New York City Basement Apartments

Once again, NYC is cracking down on illegal basement apartments. Here's what you need to know about these subterranean spaces. Last month, the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) spoke with reporters from NBC News and PIX 11 News about the risks of illegal conversions and unpermitted construction. Analyzing data from Property Shark, investigative reporters from NBC [...]


Do you have cyber insurance protection?

Think your business is immune to a data breach? You might be surprised. After the recent (and preventable) Equifax breach, Yahoo's follow-up announcement that the August 2013 attack affected all 3 billion of its users at the time—rather than the initially reported 1 billion—scarcely made a ripple in the media. These examples reinforce the notion that data breaches and [...]


Landlord Tips for Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

Preventing slips, trips and falls generally comes down to standard housekeeping and maintenance. Slips, trips and falls are no laughing matter. The National Safety Council reports that more than 33,000 Americans died from falls in 2015, with most victims age 65 or older. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that falls resulted in 2.5 million emergency [...]


The Difference Between Contents and Structures Insurance Coverage

It’s not unusual that a landlord or residential building owner doesn’t know how much of his contents are covered on his insurance policy. Do you know if you're properly protected with both contents and structures insurance? Contents vs. Structure There is a difference between coverage of contents and structure (or dwelling). Contents includes anything that can be carried away from the [...]


8 Ways to Lower Building Insurance Costs

When you get new insurance for your building or renew an existing policy, a representative from the insurance company will come to your building to evaluate it before setting your insurance rates."To get the lowest possible rates, it’s important to present your building in the best light," says Stuart Cohen of City Building Owners Insurance Program, a company that provides insurance to New York City [...]


Stu Cohen Wins the Power Broker Award

Stuart Cohen, founder of the innovative City Building Owners Insurance (CBOI) Program, is the proud recipient of the Power Broker Award in real estate insurance. Administered by Risk and Insurance magazine, the award honors brokers who excel in building long-term client relationships and bringing credit to the insurance industry by upholding the highest ethical standards.The awards competition, administered by Risk and Insurance [...]