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Should you insist that tenants have insurance? Yes!

Requiring condo/co-op owners and tenants to purchase insurance protects not only their interests, but also those of the board or landlord. If you’re a landlord or a member of a co-op board of directors, you have insurance to protect your building against a fire, theft or other peril. Should you insist that the people living in it [...]


The Ins and Outs of New York Area Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance offers multiple coverage options to protect your real estate investment. Protecting your real estate investment begins with one word: insurance. Like your homeowners insurance, landlord insurance can protect you against damage to your property due to storms or other disasters. It can cover repairs in the event of a fire. If someone trips on your [...]


A Quick Guide to Fallen Trees and Insurance Claims

Dealing with a fallen tree insurance claim? These 3 factors insurance coverage: the tree's location, why it fell, and what was damaged. Your neighbor’s tree falls on your house or car. Or it’s your tree and your neighbor’s house or car. Or maybe the tree doesn’t fall, but a storm blows a branch through your window. Your [...]


A Guide to Landlord Property Maintenance for NYC Building Owners

Proper property maintenance and regular inspections are two ways to protect your real estate investment. There’s always a to-do list when it comes to landlord property maintenance, whether you own a multi-family brownstone in Park Slope or an apartment building in Astoria. Something always needs repair, replacement, cleaning or disposal.Yes, your tenants care about how well your property is [...]