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Blog Posts for Homeowners

Homeowner Spring Safety Tips

Now is a great time to make safety checks in and around your property. These spring safety tips will get you started. Here in the Northeast—particularly in the New York City area—the arrival of spring has gotten lost in the ever-evolving coronavirus pandemic. The [...]

We’re Still Open for Business

March 19, 2020During this unprecedented time, our office remains open, and we are ready to serve you. As always, you can pick up the phone and speak to a real person about your questions and needs. If the phones are busy, you'll receive a prompt [...]

Water in Your Building: What’s Covered, What Isn’t?

Landlords and homeowners need to know what types of water coverage their insurance policy includes before water damage occurs. Every day, at least one water main breaks in New York City.The big breaks can flood subway tunnels and close streets, making life difficult and [...]

Throwback Thursday: Quality Service Is the Secret to Success

Some things never change... and that's a good thing. We came across an article written 19 years ago featuring our agency. All of our "Secrets to Success" still ring true, and our clients are certainly happy for our expertise and longevity. The article mentioned several keys [...]

The British Crown Jewels Are Uninsured!

Recent estimate states that the entire Crown Jewels collection is worth more than £2.7 billion. It's unbelievable how such a rare, incredibly valuable collection like the British Crown Jewels is uninsurable. Your precious collection may be worth slightly less than £2.7 billion so it [...]

Winter Weather Home Protection When You’re Away From Home

Use these simple steps to protect your home while away this winter. When you leave home in the winter, whether for a quick vacation or a longer stay somewhere warm, you want to return home with fond memories.Not to an expensive disaster.Unfortunately, unattended homes [...]

Other Structures: What They Are and How They’re Insured

Homeowners insurance often covers structures not physically attached to your house, although specifics vary from policy to policy. What is considered Other Structures on homeowners insurance? You’d expect homeowner’s insurance to cover your home from damage, theft and liability. And [...]

Natural disasters endanger homes, families … and insurance rates

Ensuring your homeowners insurance covers natural disasters will help protect your possessions and belongings if one strikes. When a natural disaster strikes, that fire, earthquake, hurricane or tornado isn’t just affecting people in the area. It’s affecting you and your insurance premiums. Two [...]

Fall Maintenance Checklist for NYC Area Property Owners

Fall is a time for more than raking leaves. Tackling these fall maintenance items will help keep your property in its best shape. With cooler weather approaching, it’s the perfect time to catch up on home or building maintenance before the weather [...]