Homeowner Articles

Homeowner Articles

How to Boost Home Security and Safety

These home security and safety tips can help you fend off burglaries. There are plenty of logical reasons to improve home security and safety, including: According to the FBI, a burglar strikes every 25.7 seconds in the US. That means more than 3,300 [...]

Declutter Your Garage (and Make It Safer)

Here is how you can use your time at home to declutter your garage and make it safer. One of those projects you’ve probably been meaning to get to one day is probably to organize and declutter your garage. Here’s some additional motivation: [...]

Backyard Summer Safety Tips: Keep it Fun This Summer

Backyard summer safety tips so you can have fun and stay safe during your backyard summer staycation. For many families, the usual summer vacation has become a staycation. For others, the backyard beckons when camps and movie theatres are off the table. But [...]

Insurance Coverage for Life Estate Properties

Questions and answers about life estate insurance coverage answered. What is a life estate and why do you need life estate coverage? Leaving a home to heirs that is currently occupied by a family member or someone else is sometimes set up as [...]

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