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Blog Posts for Homeowners

A Quick Guide to Fallen Trees and Insurance Claims

Dealing with a fallen tree insurance claim? These 3 factors insurance coverage: the tree's location, why it fell, and what was damaged. Your neighbor’s tree falls on your house or car. Or it’s your tree and your neighbor’s house or car. Or [...]

Use This Handy Checklist to Create a Home Inventory

A current home inventory makes the insurance claims process easier after a loss. Download this home inventory checklist, or use one of these other methods to catalog your possessions. If your home or apartment burned down tomorrow, could you supply your insurance [...]

Factors That Affect Your Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies look at a variety of factors when calculating insurance premiums. Whether you need homeowner’s insurance in Park Slope, renter’s insurance in the Bronx, or landlord insurance on the Upper East Side, insurance companies look at many of the same factors [...]

Before Filing a Claim, Ask Yourself Three Questions

Does it make sense to file an insurance claim? Know your policy, and consider these factors. If your house burns down, burglars strip your home of valuables, or a tree caves in your roof, there’s no question. Contact your insurance company or [...]

How to Protect Yourself Against Home Repair Scams

Protect your home and avoid scamming contractors by looking for these red flags. A contractor knocks on your door with a great deal “because we just did work for your neighbor and have material left over.” An ad promises a super low [...]

Homeowners Associations and Fraud: What You Need to Know

Does a homeowners' association or condo/co-op board manage your property? Protect yourself against fraud, which is more common than you might think. If you live in a property with a private homeowners' association (HOA), like many condominium and co-operative buildings in the [...]

Mind the Gaps (in Your Homeowners Insurance Policy)

Jewelry, artwork, coin collections, and other high-value items are often excluded, or covered for minimal amounts, under a standard homeowner's policy. You own a home. You buy homeowners insurance. Simple, right? Not always. There are a number of situations a standard homeowner’s policy [...]

Don't Make These 10 Expensive Homeowners Mistakes

Making these common homeowners mistakes can cost you a lot of money. Owning a home can be complicated. You have to maintain it, repair it, pay for it, insure it and maybe even renovate it. It can also get expensive. According to Bankrate, [...]