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Homeowner Articles

Homeowner Spring Safety Tips

Now is a great time to make safety checks in and around your property and these spring safety tips will get you started. Here in the Northeast—particularly in the New York City area—the arrival of spring has gotten lost in the ever-evolving [...]

We’re Still Open for Business

March 19, 2020During this unprecedented time, our office remains open, and we are ready to serve you. As always, you can pick up the phone and speak to a real person about your questions and needs. If the phones are busy, you'll receive a prompt [...]

Water in Your Building: What Does Water Coverage Provide?

Landlords and homeowners need to know what types of water coverage their insurance policy includes before water damage occurs. Every day, at least one water main breaks in New York City. The big breaks can flood subway tunnels and close streets, making [...]

Throwback Thursday: Quality Service Is the Secret to Success

Some things (like the importance of quality service) never change... and that's a good thing. We came across an article written 19 years ago featuring our agency's dedication to quality service. All of our "Secrets to Success" still ring true, and our clients are [...]

The British Crown Jewels Are Uninsurable!

Recent estimate states that the entire Crown Jewels collection is worth more than £2.7 billion, making them uninsurable. It's unbelievable how such a rare, incredibly valuable collection like the British Crown Jewels is uninsurable. Your precious collection may be worth slightly less [...]