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Mistina Picciano is a full-time writer based in the greater New York metroplex. Her industry specialties include real estate, security, and professional services.

What NYC Building Owners Need to Know About Window Guards

For properties with three or more units, New York City law requires that building owners install and maintain window guards for apartments where a child age 10 years or younger lives. Every window in the apartment, except those leading to fire escapes, must have window guards. These metal or aluminum devices are designed to prevent children from falling out [...]


Phase 2 Reopening Guidelines for Condo and Co-op Buildings

With New York City entering Phase 2 of the state’s Covid-19 reopening plan, co-op and condo boards need to be aware of the Phase 2 reopening guidelines that include both mandatory and recommended best practices that affect: On-site management offices Apartment showings Doctors’ offices Employee break rooms Similar guidelines have been released for the real estate industry and other workplaces. [...]


Essential and Open: The Coronavirus Hasn’t Slowed Us Down

Because we have been fully open during Covid-19, clients and prospects are getting the same high level of service during the pandemic. The spread of the coronavirus has fully or partially closed many businesses. For those that are open, some are operating with fewer staff. Most have staff working remotely. The result is that service can be delayed [...]


The Legality of New York City Basement Rentals

In New York City, basements aren't the same as cellars when it comes to apartment rentals. Basement Rentals in New York—Legal or Illegal? Certain basement rentals in New York City are legal, while others are not. First and foremost, the subterranean space must be a basement, not a cellar. According to New York City law, the two [...]


Are Riots and Looting Insured?

Are riots and looting insured? Does insurance cover looting and damage done during a demonstration or riot? If rioters or looters damage your commercial property, will your insurance policy cover it? The short answer: yes. As the Insurance Information Institute notes, virtually all businessowners and commercial insurance property policies cover property that has been damaged by riot, civil [...]


Reopening Businesses Safely in the New York Metro Area: What to Expect and How to Stay Safe

After COVID-19 closures, we provide safety steps and outline regulations taking place for reopening businesses safely in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. As the New York metro area begins to reopen, building owners and managers have questions about reopening businesses safely for tenants, clients and visitors. With guidelines and regulations that change often, here are the current [...]


Fun Educational Activities To Do With Kids Bored at Home

Educational activities to do with kids at home and keep them away from screens. If you’d like to go beyond your children’s remote learning and screen time, try these fun, educational activities for kids who may be bored at home due to pandemic restrictions. Many of the activities use items already in your pantry or around the house. [...]


How landlords can provide better coronavirus safety for tenants

  Landlords should have a plan to help provide better coronavirus safety for tenants. As a landlord, you may be wondering how you can provide better coronavirus safety for tenants, your employees and your building. The coronavirus has added new considerations and challenges to your operations. You probably have questions about your legal obligations. These handy tips can [...]


Cleaning Product Substitutes During Covid-19 Shortage

With household cleaning products in short supply during the Covid-19 pandemic, try these cleaning product substitutes to clean and sanitize your home. You may be looking for cleaning product substitutes since the aisles with cleaning and paper products are pretty sparse at most grocery stores and online. Hand sanitizing wipes and gels are in short supply. Luckily, many [...]


Attorney Alex Lycoyannis Answers Landlord Questions on Rent Collection During Covid-19

Attorney Alex Lycoyannis discusses landlord-tenant issues, including rent collection and eviction moratorium in New York during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help building owners navigate this uncertain time, the following “Ask Our Attorney” column has been republished with permission from Small Property Owners of New York (SPONY) and attorney Alex Lycoyannis of the firm Rosenberg & Estis. During this [...]