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Mistina Picciano is a full-time writer based in the greater New York metroplex. Her industry specialties include real estate, security, and professional services.

How to Boost Home Security and Safety

These home security and safety tips can help you fend off burglaries. There are plenty of logical reasons to improve home security and safety, including: According to the FBI, a burglar strikes every 25.7 seconds in the US. That means more than 3,300 homes are the victim of burglars every day. The average loss is close to $3,000. [...]

How to Shop for Commercial Property Insurance in New York City

When shopping for commercial property insurance, make sure your policy has the right protections, including extended coverage. Shopping for commercial property insurance can be tedious and confusing. Or it can be incredibly straightforward and simple—but carry big surprises at claim time.We hope you never experience a claim. If you do, however, we especially hope that you don't encounter any [...]

Keep Those Fire Escapes in Working Condition

Fire safety codes have evolved to reduce the need for exterior fire escapes. But NYC building owners still need to maintain or remove the structures. New York City building owners with outside fire escapes have two choices regarding these external means of egress: keep them maintained or remove them. Fire escapes are a classic feature of New [...]

Understanding Basic, Broad Form Coverage and Special Form Coverage

Comparing commercial property insurance policies? Understand your coverage types: basic form coverage, broad form coverage and special form insurance coverage. When comparing insurance policies for your apartment building, make sure you understand the differences between Basic Form coverage, Broad Form coverage, and Special Form coverage. The first two might save you money in the short term. However, no [...]

NYC Landlords: Property Registration Due by September 1

New York City requires annual property registration by September 1 for owners of residential buildings. It's that time of year again. New York City's Department of Housing Preservation & Development (HPD) requires annual property registration by owners of residential buildings that meet the following requirements: Multiple dwelling (3 or more residential units) Private dwelling (1-2 residential units) [...]

Declutter Your Garage (and Make It Safer)

Here is how you can use your time at home to declutter your garage and make it safer. One of those projects you’ve probably been meaning to get to one day is probably to organize and declutter your garage. Here’s some additional motivation: Decluttering and organizing your garage can also boost safety and security. Not only will you [...]

Backyard Summer Safety Tips: Keep it Fun This Summer

Backyard summer safety tips so you can have fun and stay safe during your backyard summer staycation. For many families, the usual summer vacation has become a staycation. For others, the backyard beckons when camps and movie theatres are off the table. But vacation or staycation, there’s no vacation from being smart and safe. Here are some backyard [...]

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