‘Fairness’ in Landlord-Tenant Matters amid Covid-19

Guest author Janet Nina Esagoff weighs in on the unfairness of landlord-tenant matters in the coronavirus pandemic.   The following article is a guest post by Janet Nina Esagoff, Esq. New York City and Long Island have been especially hit hard by the Covid-19 crisis, resulting in many shuttered businesses and out-of-work residents filing for record unemployment and [...]


Major Insurers Offering Auto Insurance Discounts Due to Covid-19

Major insurers are offering auto insurance discounts because they've noticed that you’re driving a lot less these days, courtesy of the COVID-19 pandemic. You've probably noticed this as well. Call it a refund, a discount, a rebate or a credit, but dozens of insurers are cutting the cost of auto insurance for their customers. According to the Insurance Information [...]


New York City Real Estate Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

The following article on legal issues for landlords during the coronavirus pandemic is a guest post by Janet Nina Esagoff, Esq. Guest author Janet Nina Esagoff, Esq., offers guidance to landlords in navigating the coronavirus pandemic. As a New York litigator, I represent both landlords and tenants in my boutique real estate law practice, albeit mostly landlords. [...]


Don’t Fall Prey to Coronavirus Frauds

“The (coronavirus) pandemic is dangerous enough without wrongdoers seeking to profit from public panic and this sort of conduct cannot be tolerated."-Attorney General Barr Retired FBI analyst Josephine Mauro warns readers how predators are taking advantage of the current coronavirus pandemic and what we can do to protect ourselves. Special thanks to Integras Intelligence for giving us [...]


Are Remote Employees Exposing You to Cyber Attack risk?

Remote employees may expose organizations to increased risk of cyber attack, such as phishing. If your business can continue with employees working remotely, you’ve avoided many of the risks connected to COVID-19, aka coronavirus. What you may not realize is that other types of risk and liability have now greatly increased. If employees have access to servers, [...]


Homeowner Spring Safety Tips

Now is a great time to make safety checks in and around your property and these spring safety tips will get you started. Here in the Northeast—particularly in the New York City area—the arrival of spring has gotten lost in the ever-evolving coronavirus pandemic. The combination of warmer weather and executive orders to stay home makes now [...]


We’re Still Open for Business

March 19, 2020During this unprecedented time, our office remains open, and we are ready to serve you. As always, you can pick up the phone and speak to a real person about your questions and needs. If the phones are busy, you'll receive a prompt response.Here at the City Building Owners Insurance Program and Somers Agency, we're continuing to conduct [...]