Winter Weather Home Protection When You’re Away From Home

Use these simple steps to protect your home while away this winter. When you leave home in the winter, whether for a quick vacation or a longer stay somewhere warm, you want to return home with fond memories.Not to an expensive disaster.Unfortunately, unattended homes are vulnerable to all sorts of cold weather problems, and without someone home to notice, [...]


Do Landlords Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Do you use your personal vehicle for business use? Here is how to determine when commercial auto insurance is necessary. As a landlord or building owner, you probably drive your personal vehicle for business. Or you use your car for personal use most of the time, but occasionally hitch it to a trailer to haul materials for your investment [...]


Other Structures: What They Are and How They’re Insured

Homeowners insurance often covers structures not physically attached to your house, although specifics vary from policy to policy. What is considered Other Structures on homeowners insurance? You’d expect homeowner’s insurance to cover your home from damage, theft and liability. And it does.Your homeowner’s insurance can also offer protection for other structures.“But,” you say, “I don’t [...]


Thanksgiving Safety Tips Before and During the Holidays

Follow these Thanksgiving safety tips to protect your family during the holidays and year-round. Doctors in New York City estimate that their emergency room visits spike by 5-12% on Thanksgiving. As the busiest travel week of the year, vehicle accidents also rise. From kitchen fires to food poisoning to knife accidents, the season to be thankful is [...]


Hot Tips About Space Heater Safety

Space heaters may lower electric bills, but they're responsible for more than 65,000 home fires every year. Space heaters can warm up a chilly room. They can save energy by allowing you to turn down your thermostat and only heat a small area.They can also lead to tragedy.Heating equipment is the second leading cause of fire in the United [...]


New Jersey and New York Short-Term Disability Insurance Requirements

Both New York and New Jersey require employers to provide employees with short-term disability insurance. Each state has its own program, with its own unique guidelines, dating back to the 1940s.As a landlord or building owner with employees in New Jersey or New York, you need to understand the differences between both state requirements. Some of these differences include the [...]


How to Protect Your Packages… and Your Identity

These security tips will help protect your packages and your identity during the holiday season. (They also work year-round!) The approaching holidays means that delivery folks are going to be bringing more packages to your door. You’ll probably be doing more online and brick-and-mortar shopping.But you’re not the only one excited about the upcoming holidays. Thieves who want to [...]


Natural disasters endanger homes, families … and insurance rates

Ensuring your homeowners insurance covers natural disasters will help protect your possessions and belongings if one strikes. When a natural disaster strikes, that fire, earthquake, hurricane or tornado isn’t just affecting people in the area. It’s affecting you and your insurance premiums. Two key takeaways: The increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters is driving rate increases throughout [...]