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Carrier Contact Information

For your convenience, we’ve provided the contact information for all our carriers. You can always call our office with any questions or to report claims. We’ll give you prompt answers and walk you through the process for a speedy resolution.

Carrier Customer Service Claims Web Link
AmTrust (including Wesco) 877-528-7878 888-239-3909 Claims Email
Andover Companies (including Merrimack & Cambridge Mutual) 800-225-0770 800-225-0770
Berkshire Hathaway Guard 800-673-2465 888-639-2567
Kingstone Insurance 800-364-7045 800-364-7045 Website
Merchants Insurance Group 800-462-8182 800-952-5246 Claims Email
Mercury Insurance 866-647-4757 800-503-3724
National General Insurance 800-462-2123 877-468-3466 Report Claim
National Union 877-576-5200 800-931-9546 Claims Email
NYCM Insurance 800-234-6926 800-234-6926 Claims Email
Progressive Insurance 800-776-4737 800-776-4737 Claims Email
PURE Insurance 888-813-7873 888-813-7873 Claims Email
Quincy Mutual Group 800-899-1116 800-490-0047 Report Claim
Safeco Insurance 800-332-3226 800-332-3226
Security Mutual Insurance 607-257-5000 800-822-1232 Claims Email
Seneca Insurance 212-344-3000 800-442-5723 Claims Email
Travelers Insurance 800-842-5075 800-252-4633 Report Claim
Union Mutual 800-300-5261 800-445-2330 Report Claim
Utica First Insurance 800-456-4556 800-456-4556
Zurich Insurance 800-382-2150 800-987-3373 Report Claim

How We Choose Partners

One size doesn’t fit all. Certain carriers have expertise in certain property types and in certain geographic areas. Some companies don’t write coastal properties. Some specialize in brownstones, others in multi-family buildings. Our job is to match customers with the best policy for their unique needs.

We research all our partners to make sure they have the proper licenses and financial strength. In fact, we don’t do business with any company that’s not A-rated.

“Stu is cordial. He is professional. He’s patient. No question to him is an ignorant question. You feel like you are being represented by an individual that has your property or your business at heart. For most business owners your business is your life. You want to protect that as much as possible, and he makes you feel you are being protected.  He also lets you know about new laws in the (real estate) industry and that’s very, very helpful. On each policy he saved me at least $500 and I got more coverage. And I got the earthquake insurance that I’ve been requesting (of other brokers) for the last past ten years!  I even got that included to the policy.”
G.M., Multiple Apartment Building Owner, Harlem